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Milscanners is the longest established group for the military airband hobbiest in the UK and also members further afield. The groups roots go back to the 1990's and has evolved into its current form at the start of 2003. The group caters for both experienced airband listeners and also those new to the hobby. The group does require members to be actively particpating in the group. Therefore if you wish to contribute you are welcome but non contributors do lose their memberships. Its a give and take scenario! If you have no intention of contributing to the group then please don't apply to join. We also have comprehensive frequency and callsign databases (Free) that are available to members after being actively contributing for 3 months or at Admin descretion
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  • Planeplotter subgroup
    Subgroup for Planeplotter discussion as voted for by members. Please use this group to post anything related to Planeplotter, squawks for following flights such as U-2's etc. Note contributions to this group will not be logged for membership purposes, Admins are busy enough already!
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